The Affirmative Action Debacle

Harvard, one of the greatest universities in the world, is at the center of a growing debate over Affirmative Action. Now the United States Justice Department appears to be wanting to step in. They seem to want to declare that colleges/universities in the US are discriminating against white people. And they are starting with Harvard. […]

Cults Today

Leah Remini is doing an amazing job of exposing the horrors of Scientology. I am going to speak planing here. We here in Northern California will never forget The People’s Temple and it’s aftermath. More the 900 people dead because of a psychopathic cult leader. Sadly there are far still too many cults in the […]

Black America Messed Up

The demonstrations today, just in the US, have been amazing. More people are protesting than showed up for the inauguration. Reality is that only 57.9% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 election. That’s 138,884,643 out of 231,556,622 eligible voters. And this is out of a population of 324,412,320. Reality is that the majority of […]

Race Relations

Listening to people talk about race relations in the United States. It really worries me. These people are only talking about white vs black. Hispanics/Latino’s, people of Asian decent, and Native people’s are not being talked about. And they won’t even consider talking about ethnicities or people from certain geographic regions. At the same time […]