The Affirmative Action Debacle

Harvard, one of the greatest universities in the world, is at the center of a growing debate over Affirmative Action. Now the United States Justice Department appears to be wanting to step in. They seem to want to declare that colleges/universities in the US are discriminating against white people. And they are starting with Harvard.

170605130624-harvard-stock-super-tease.jpg Harvard faces DOJ discrimination probe while accepting mostly nonwhite class
Harvard has a minority majority class for the second year in a row as the Department of Justice investigates a discrimination complaint against the school.

What would be interesting to know is how many of Harvard’s incoming freshman class are citizens of other countries.

One reason school’s accept a significant number of foreign students is because they can charge double the amount of tuition charged to American students. These seats are then taken away from equally, or at times even better qualified American students.

The biggest surprise to me is that Harvard has such a tiny percentage of Native students. And how about breaking the numbers down to ethnicities? Should people from India be counted the same as people from China (Asian)? Or should someone from the Middle East be counted as being the same as someone from Texas (White)?

Deeper numbers give a better picture of what is actually going on at Harvard. How does the school classify a Black African student? This someone that is a citizen of an African country and is black. They are not Africa-American. So how does Harvard classify them?

And how can someone from Eqypt be considered white? And think about how you consider people that are Asian. You think of China, Japan, and Korea. You don’t think about India or large parts of Russia.

I personally would like to see the numbers go even further. How many students are women? How many are disabled? How many are LGBTQ+?

Give us the entire picture of Harvard’s Affirmative Action program – because Affirmative Action is not just about race or ethnicity. It’s about making sure that America is the great "melting pot" we have always fought so hard for it to be.