Race Relations

Listening to people talk about race relations in the United States. It really worries me.

These people are only talking about white vs black. Hispanics/Latino’s, people of Asian decent, and Native people’s are not being talked about. And they won’t even consider talking about ethnicities or people from certain geographic regions. At the same time it’s being made to seem that all white people are racist. Sad.

Race relations is a very complicated issue. When compared to the 1950’s things are far superior today. Black people are not being lynched and homes are not being bombed. Law enforcement isn’t turning dogs lose on protestors. Black children can go to any school they want to. Water fountains are not segregated. Black men can look a white women in the eye without the threat of being murdered.

Today we must realize that young people didn’t live through the truly contentious times. Tens of millions of Americans fought, and many died (starting before the founding of this nation and into the 1990’s) to make this nation safe for black people. It’s not perfect. There is a lot left to do. But it’s a hell of a lot better. This must be recognized.

I will never forget watching the video of Rodney King being beaten. It was soul crushing. You didn’t have to be black to see how horrific it was. Those officers deserved to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Yet they were acquitted. It was outrageous.

Rodney King changed life in the United States. I don’t think you can fully understand it’s impact unless you were alive then.

I am tired of discussions about race relations today. They ignore history and are hyper-focused on only black-white issues. They also ignore how complicated these issues are. A person’s experience of life in California is going to be completely different than someone who grew up in Georgia. This needs to be recognized.

Discussions about race relations need to be reset. People of all races need to be brought to the table. This is the only way we can start to have a real conversation.