Healthcare Yet Again

I do not understand any of this. The repeal only option was dead in the water. And why all this debate about "skinny" plans? The plan you have only costs your insurer money when you use those specific benefits. It does not cost them anything if you are not using them.

But here is the thing. Once you need these benefits, if you are paying for them, you know they are there. The problem with our healthcare system is that, in the past, the majority of American’s didn’t expect they would need certain benefits until they actually did. So they didn’t buy coverage. And then it was too late – they had a "preexisting condition". Obamacare fixed this.

Obamacare is far from perfect. In the United States of America we should all have access to the same level of healthcare. It’s that simple. During colonial times George Washington had access to the same exact healthcare as the poorest person living in the gutter. It might have been horrifying care, but at least it was equal.

And contrary to what Trump says, each State is not unique in it’s healthcare needs. We are all human. It’s not like each State has a different type of human living in it. Sprained ankles are the same no matter where you go. Same with cancer, HIV, mental illness, and the list goes on. What’s different is how politicians want to deal with these issues. What’s different is political ideologies.

And simply isn’t the way the United States is designed to work. It’s Congress’s job to keep this from happening.

The way to fix healthcare in America is simple – give all of us the same exact coverage. And let this be the same coverage members of Congress and the President receive. Once Congress gets this out of the way they can start dealing with the real issues – like who pays for it and how it is managed.

It’s that simple.