Who I Am

Hello everyone

My life is a complicated and exciting journey; a journey I am proud to be a part of.

Born in a small Northern California city, my life started out with my near death. After spending 19 days in the hospital, I went home to my middle class family. At 8 I witnessed my mom slip and fall in a horrible accident that nearly destroyed my family.

School was difficult. I was beaten almost everyday of middle school by bullies and had to deal with a couple of violent family members. But my journey was just beginning.

At 16 I transitioned into the legal system and lived in a number of group homes. It was at Fred Finch Youth Center in Oakland, CA that my life was rebooted. I found people that finally believed in me.

WOW, what a difference that made in my life!

My journey after that was still rough and I had difficulty dealing with myself and others. I was cocky and thought I knew everything. I had a hard time listening to others and refused to accept that I still had a lot to learn. Part of it was that I was back in that small city surrounded by average people living average lives. Not like me at all.

But my journey continued. I worked for nonprofits, governments, spent 6 years as the lead mental health advocate in the area, and slowly continued my education.

Now here I am decades later. I spent 9 years living in San Francisco attending the Academy of Art University as a student and then a staff member. I founded a television archive and became a well respected television historian. I also kept up work in historic preservation I had started in 1996 in Marin County, CA. Sadly, after those 9 years, I had to move back to my hometown after some serious health issues.

But now I’m back and getting restarted. I am restarting this blog site and getting back involved in mental health advocacy. My future is open and I am excited.


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