Black America Messed Up

The demonstrations today, just in the US, have been amazing. More people are protesting than showed up for the inauguration.

Reality is that only 57.9% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 election. That’s 138,884,643 out of 231,556,622 eligible voters. And this is out of a population of 324,412,320.

Reality is that the majority of eligible voters actually voted for Hillary Clinton. She won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Trump won the Electoral College.

What bother’s me today isn’t the Electoral College. What bother’s me is the number of eligible voters that didn’t vote.

Tens of millions of American’s decided not to vote in 2016. This makes no sense to me. It is absolutely ridiculous. And these are people with the most to lose under a Trump administration.

I can’t explain it. I absolutely understand that the “fake news” created by Russia and Republican’s had a lot to do with it. But moderates, liberals, and Democrats should have been able to see this propaganda coming.

I absolutely remember the 1990’s and talk about Hillary Clinton eventually becoming president. She has done some truly amazing work for the American people. I don’t understand why liberals refused to vote for her. It absolutely had to be based on sexism.

It sickens me that sexism is still so strong in 2016/17. Why can’t a women be president of the United States? Clinton didn’t win the election because black people didn’t come out and vote for her. It’s that simple. White liberals voted for her. So did Hispanics and Asians. I don’t get it.

It seems that the majority of black America simply didn’t vote. This is truly disturbing. And now they are going to deeply suffer because Trump is the president. And some of the people he is putting in place in his cabinet have been accused of racism.

This is the first election where black America held the power. They failed themselves. It’s that simple. And they are going to suffer in significant ways.