My Problem With Sanders

I don’t think he’s used to be challenged. He gets away with raising his voice and pointing his finger. Now she is fighting back and he’s not happy about it.

He is constantly questioning her integrity. And he gets upset because she is raising a heck of a lot more money than he is. Maybe he needs to look at himself and figure out why people with at least some level of power are not following him.

I’m tired of his harshness. I’m tired of his finger pointing. He is Jewish and yet isn’t getting the Jewish vote. He’s not getting the support of the people I think he really expected to get.

He does need to calm down a bit, stop pointing fingers, and get into the real specifics of how he is going to accomplish his ideas. And yes, he has yet to actually be truly specific. He loves to talk about how we have gotten ourselves into certain messes but he isn’t specific about how we can get out of them. Even with NAFTA he says he would reevaluate the agreement. That’s not being specific. He needs to be detailed about what he would change. And it needs to make sense and be practical.

At the same time there is zero chance he could ever talk Congress into approving free public higher education for every citizen. Instead of this I’d like to hear him speak as to how he would tackle our student debt crisis. Why hasn’t he proposed eliminating interest rates on federal student loans? This is something that can easily be done. And it would cut most people’s debt load at least in half.

When it comes to the economy I’d like to know every one of the tax loopholes he would close, why they need to be closed, and how much more revenue the government would receive.

I’d also like to know how he would compromise with Republicans to get some of these things accomplished. I wonder how many tax loopholes Republican’s would be willing to eliminate if Democrats agreed to eliminate the Estate Tax.

I would also like to know how he intends to make sure Congress repays the Social Security trust fund the $2+ trillion it borrowed from it. I’d like to know if he would eliminate the cap on income that is taxed by Social Security and Medicare and how he would work with Republican’s to eliminate that cap.

And I’d like to know now he would reform education. He could probably get many converts if he declared that he would put an end to Common Core Math. I’d like to know how he is going to raise per-student spending across the country. I’d like to know how he would guarantee that all students have school facilities that are safe and meet their needs. I’d like to here him talk about how he would make sure teachers never have to spend their own money ever again to buy pencils for their students – or books for their classroom libraries.

There is a lot I’d like to hear him talk about – but he never talks in true specifics. He throws out these massive ideas and then can’t talk about how he would pay for them. To me Sanders is a typical politician.

Let’s not forget that he’s been in Congress for decades. He is the opposite of an outsider. He’s forehead deep into it.