Republican Civil War Needed

It amazes me how many American’s are angry this election season. Some are angry for very good reason. But many are angry because they’ve been told to be angry. They truly believe the country is in crisis. They truly believe we have massive unemployment and illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border. Neither of these […]

SSI Again

I’ve written about SSI before and I’m going to do it again. People on SSI have been deemed by the federal government to be disabled to the point of not being able to hold a full-time job. It is a program of the Treasury Department that is managed by the Social Security Administration. The laws […]

Living with Myself

I don’t write very often. Maybe it’s time I start doing it more often. I am here at home watching TV thinking about how I feel about myself. It’s a strange thing. I know logically that I am a really good person. I don’t hurt people. I don’t break the law. I respect everyone’s differences. […]

The SSI Fix Part 1

The United States gives over $4 billion in tax breaks and credits to big oil companies every year. These are companies that combined make over $200 billion in profits each year. Do they really need tax breaks? And remember that there are only a handful of them. Each month we give someone with a permanent […]

People With Disabilities: Time For Change

Are people with severe disabilities treated like second class citizens? Absolutely! The federal government has been offering financial support to people with permanent disabilities since 1956 (called SSI since 1974). The goal is to make sure people who are permanently disabled and not able to work full time receive the financial benefits needed to live […]

A Healthcare Revolution

Do you like the state of medical care in the United States? Most people would say no. Did you know that socialized medicine was first proposed by Republicans and supported by Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush’s? And of course Mitt Romney instituted socialized medicine in Massachusetts. Republicans only started opposing it once President Obama […]