People With Disabilities: Time For Change

Are people with severe disabilities treated like second class citizens? Absolutely! The federal government has been offering financial support to people with permanent disabilities since 1956 (called SSI since 1974). The goal is to make sure people who are permanently disabled and not able to work full time receive the financial benefits needed to live […]

A Healthcare Revolution

Do you like the state of medical care in the United States? Most people would say no. Did you know that socialized medicine was first proposed by Republicans and supported by Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush’s? And of course Mitt Romney instituted socialized medicine in Massachusetts. Republicans only started opposing it once President Obama […]

The Druggies & Rehab

Recently I was asked “why do we treat people for drug and alcohol addictions in cities like San Francisco?”. I must admit I don’t know the answer. But it’s an import an question. The truth is that we spend millions of dollars a year in the United States on recovery programs that have proven to […]

The Pain

When I was 8 years old I witnessed a terrible accident in which my mom was seriously injured. It was 1982 and 30 years later she still deals with severe pain. As a child I truly thought she was going to die. The months she spent in the hospital away from us were heart breaking. […]

Internet Archive – Check It Out

Does The Internet Archive equal a peer-to-peer site? Not sure. Do I care? Not really. I’m sitting in my living room after spending the past two hours searching for vintage video and antique books. The Internet Archive is a collection of public domain video, audio, and written materials. Not only has millions of people uploaded […]

Censorship & Hitler

YouTube, after a request from the German production company behind the movie “Downfall, has been pulling parody clips of the film. The clips use the image of Hitler’s final speech to his followers while in the bunker where they die. YouTube users replace the audio with their own, making Hitler appear to be selling soap, […]