Sick and Tired: Living with Vasovagal Syncope

from Grey's Anatomy, 1918, in the Public DomainI have been have some health issues lately. I found out I have a Vasovagal disorder. It has to do with the Vagus nerve. Check out if you are interested in learning about it.

The most difficult aspect for me is missing school. This semester is one of the worst periods that I have gone through. I am hoping I can work with my instructors to at the very least get a “C”.

I have dealt with this disorder since I was a child

I have spent many hours throughout my life in emergency rooms and going through dozens of test. Each time I was told nothing was wrong with me. I was even told it was psychosomatic.

I also live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is a marked difference between the two. I used to think my health issues were all apart of CFS. I now know I was wrong (something I rarely admit to being).

I have some more tests to do and I am hopeful that a treatment can be found. So far my research has shown that the only current treatment is having a pacemaker implanted. If this is an option I am all for it.

I am worried about having a large bump sticking out of my upper left chest but it’s something I am willing to live with.

I am a fighter. I have overcome a lot of different obstacles in my life and this is just another one. I used to weight almost 500lbs, I have Tourette Syndrome, High Functioning Autism (the link is for Asperger’s Syndrome, which is almost the same disorder), and survived an abusive childhood at the hand of my late father. If I can survive all of that I can definitely survive this.