Fred & Memes?

What started as a simple web video in 2005 has blossomed into an internet sensation. And it is only at the end of last year that it’s descriptions were updated to television series format (season and episode numbers). There are now 38 episodes spanning 3 seasons, a line of t-shirts at, and a movie currently in post-production. Plus, the series been seen more 457 million times.

Is Fred a meme? Absolutely. After the release of the first video, 2006’s “Fred at Halloween”:

hundreds of YouTube users created spoofs. What’s funny for me is that Fred started out as a spoof of really bad YouTube videos. People tend to either hate Fred or love him. Some  have gone on to bigger ideas after posting spoof and hate videos.

My favorite of these is thecomputernerd01. His name is Josh, who now has 234,618 subscribers. And his videos have been seen more than 35 million times. His Black Eyed Peas parodies are my favorite:

Back to Fred, my favorite video is “Fred Loses His Meds” from 2008:

From the Fred videos I have been able to learn about how quick web videos have to be in terms of speed of action and overall length of the video itself. The creator, Lucas Cruikshank, has been able to take this simple character and create an internet sensation. There is even now a Fred application for the iPhone.

And for fun here are Fred’s hit 2009 Christmas videos (available on iTunes) “Christmas Cash” and “Christmas is Creepy”: