Social Networking

Social networking has become a vital part of our culture. One of the oldest forms of SN is local networks. This dates back to the online boards of the 1990s, which allowed members of communities to trade items, report important news stories, and gather together to deal with local concerns and politics.

Tim Conneally, of Betanews, in an article posted on, cautions users about what type of posts on networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be dangerous.

In this day and age many people feel it is necessary to update friends on family on every aspect of their lives. Some tweet about being in the bathroom and other talk about their vacation plans, posting when they are not at home. This has allowed thieves to break into their houses and steal valuable items. Social networking can be vital to keeping open important lines of communications, but users should be aware of the possible downsides.

Some sites, such as, are warning and educating people about what information should be kept private.

Using social networking to promote the continuation of privacy is vital to all users. I have been guilty many times to posting when I’m not home. I thought my friends and family would be interested in knowing where I was and what I was doing. I did not realize until now just how stupid I was being.

The article by Conneally helps users of social networking sites understand why it is important to keep some information private. The article is easy to read and offers just enough information to keep readers interested without overwhelming them.