The Time Traveler

The journey of my life comes with suprises. Recently I sat done with another student, who we will call Mike. Now, if you knew him you would probably find him one of the most annoying people you have ever met. With all of the work I have done in mental health advocacy I thought: “What the hell. Talking to him can’t be that bad”.

The conversation was going pretty well and then after 2 hours  he tells me, being quite serious, that he is being followed by a time traveler. This “guy” shows up every once and a while in different forms and ages. And he wants to drink Mike’s urine so he can return to his own time. I’ve heard far more bizarre stories but not one like this out of a university student.

How in the hell do you deal with something like this? There is no way this guy is ever going to get a job in television as long as he tells people things like this.

If he was worried about cosmic radiation and gamma rays I can understand. But no, he is obsessed with Dr. Who.

It’s difficult to know how to deal with someone who is this immature and with obvious mental issues.

How bad do I want to avoid him?